Out With The Old, In With The New
Hello all,

Starting with the good news, our friend [Image: gb.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=franky.s] [RDSR] Fwank has been with us for two weeks, proving he is worthy to drive along side us. I am pleased to say that Fwank passed his recruitment period and is now a member 3.


As for the bad news, we will be saying good bye to our longest serving members who have been kicked due to inactivity. All of these members played a big part in the team and some have been with us for over 3 years, they have contributed so much to the team that it's sad to seem them go. Best of luck fellas, hope to see you back in action!

[Image: nl.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=averro] [RDSR] Marty

[Image: de.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=mrgrinchi017] [RDSR] Grinch

[Image: ee.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=Karm%20Elu] [RDSR] Sushi

[Image: hu.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=Hunter1162] [RDSR] Raptor

[Image: de.png] [Image: is_online.php?username=danlevy91] [RDSR] kas


Welcome Fwanky, looking forward to do more banter fun etc

Bye Bye guys. Thank you for being part in this team, shaping it, helping it and just being the team.
See you soon :)
[Image: I5kWt5F.png]
Congratulations Fwank

Gutted to be losing team mates, but hope to see you on the server some time :)
[Image: fxo_team.png]
Grats Frank!

Sad to see them go but it was the correct decision.
Devil Devil
congratulations to Fwank! welcome :Happy
good luck in the future to the kicked members!

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