Open Recruitment - February/March 2018
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Team [RDSR] has opened recruitment starting today 26/02/18 until 12/03/18

After the application area is closed on Monday 12/03/18 at 9pm (UTC), the decisions of all applicants will be published on Wednesday 14/03/18

In order to apply, you need to be registered on the RDSR Forums

Once you've registered and activated your account via your e-mail, please follow these steps:
  • Read the 'application example' thread
  • Post your thread in the same Forum area with the example application form. NOTE: There is a scroll bar on the example application so please copy EVERYTHING!

Important While your application is being reviewed, be sure to not obtain any bans or get a bad reputation for yourself as your application may be rejected.

Your application will be reviewed during the next 2 weeks, the final decision will be given to you via a reply to your application and a Forum PM on RDSR forums.

Successful applicants will face a two week long recruit period starting from 14/03/18 until the 28/03/18 where we will make a decision as to whether or not we take them on as full members.

[RDSR] Management

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Best of luck!
Good luck
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