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Use this thread to post Videos & GIFs related to Live For Speed.
Damn you tyres Unhappy

[Image: CarefulDearKob.gif]
[Image: Obama-lol.gif]
The names n00b, n00b_racer Happy

[Image: closecall.gif]
Lol, that skin, in that car and angle, looks so much like a TC-R skin from distance Happy
+1 on Roba

Also , how no , Rossi driving it haha Happy Great one!
Glad we practised wheelies with Nismo couple days ago

[Image: BlondAliveIvorygull-size_restricted.gif]
Great shot haha I'd have rolled it Smug
Wheelie team event anybody? :)
Hahaha , I imagine Nismo teaching him pets how to wheelie  Happy
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