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Full Version: LFS - Show us your WIP skin !
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Heyo guys !

Maybe some of you like to make some skins , some better , some worse , but can be funny to share there.
Hope to see some of your Paint designs :P

Actually , im working on a request , here is a gif of it :

[Image: lkmNxnq.gif]
Looking good, I like that R8 kit, unique :)
Amazing kit Borja Happy
Thanks , as soon as I finish the skin , will improve the skinkit and share it :)

More progress of it :) :
[Image: sNbCEwn.png]
Where is the skin idea coming from? I like it :)
Audi R8 Apr Motorsport :)

Here is the final product:
[Image: Cdry11B.png][Image: ikQPYtQ.png]
Working on another request for Ad :)
[Image: KtpJVGb.png]
I love this black + Red, Great work!
Now working on the other side , as it is diferent to the left side :)

[Image: PxrfY7J.png]
Come back to skin, retaking old projects, as I have some fresh new ideas.

[Image: JzDDw8q.png]
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