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Full Version: Recruitment Status & Departure
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Hello everyone,

I have some good and bad news for you. Sadly, today we announce the departure of [RDSR] Kiwie, [RDSR] Microwave, [RDSR] ByEdoo who have decided to leave the team. We would like to thank Kiwie for his contributions to team management for years. Because of everything he has done for the team, Kiwie joins the VIP list. You were all special members of our team, and we will miss the times we had fun together. Good luck in future!

Also, [RDSR] Sky is taking a step back from Supervisor role. He played an important role in getting the team to this point. We enjoyed working with him on the management team. On behalf of [RDSR] and myself, we would like to show our gratitude and appreciation to him. Thanks for your contributions for years, [RDSR] Sky will be in the role of senior member.

This recruitment period was more exciting than it has been recently. We would like to say that all those who participated in the recruitment process were very successful, they did a great job in every way, and they deserve it. I am glad to say that the players who participated in the recruitment process have successfully joined our family.

[RDSR] dymz
[RDSR] Sardjon
[RDSR] SpeedDemon
[RDSR] Misterviin
[RDSR] Wilczek
Congratulations and welcome!


Thanks for reading, have a good day.
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