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Hello everyone

We've been hiding a mystery in work for [RDSR]. It has finished and done by a close friend and a VIP, Borja. He created us brand new 2019 [RDSR] Skins. Borja has always surprised us with his art, and love for [RDSR].

I've got to say, that we had as little knowledge of what art is he making as all of you reading this. We gave him the idea of involving and making our current skins look better, more modern and more aggressive.

Here is a quote of him explaining the skins:

Borja Wrote:A few weeks ago, Devils offered me a special task. It was something special, because RDSR is a team which one I’m proud to been apart of, and actually doing this makes me feel really happy.

The actual skins are really good, Ravisk produced really good work, but we wanted something different, something fresh. After some discussions, we come to a conclusion and we designed it.

If you see this skin without knowing what I have been trying to represent, it could looks strange or difficult to make sense of, but I will happily explain it.

We can find big “Z”s on the side front along on the rear, and this is trying to imitate like if it were a Dragon. That’s also why there is some hexagons over the “Z”, trying to imitate the skin of the Dragon.

On the other side, you will see some white and red boxes spit, meaning the furious of the dragon have been devastated with everything.

It could look like a child dreaming, but as I said, this project was a dream for me.

Here are some pictures in one:

[Image: unknown.png]

Thank you so much for your hard work Borja, All the members in RDSR thanks you for it and everyone is pleased to use them.

Moving on with our great news of today, Please welcome our newest [RDSR] Recruits!
  • [RDSR] Charlie
  • [RDSR] CyanKill

We have invited them for 2 week long recruitment to see if they fit in the team. Good luck!

[RDSR] Management

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