2019's new gumball complicated system explanation
Hello gumball devils

This years gumball registration became a little bit more complicated with adding classes system.

Classes are basically type of cars, a team can choose one of the three classes offered. The classes are as followed:
  • Class 1: UF1, XFG, XRG
  • Class 2: XRT, FXO, RB4, LX4
  • Class 3: FZ5, LX6, UFR, XFR, RAC

Once a team choose a class, they cant drive any car in the game other than the ones in their chosen class.

Distance Devils are participating in Class 3, while Cruising Devils are for Class 2.

The leader of Distance Devils team will buy the Class 3 team bundle depending on how many players participating

Same for Cruising Devils team but they buy Class 2 bundle

If you want to be in the opening night in server one/two, you need to pay individually >>here<<

If you have any questions please ask here! :)
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Team Cruising Devils

3 in the team will cost 28,000 euros per competitor.
4 in the team will cost 26,000 euros per competitor.
5 will cost 25,000 per competitor.

Team Distance Devils

3 in the team will cost 42K per competitor
4 will cost 40K
5 is 38K

That includes the full team entry cost, but if you want to be in the opening night, you need to pay individually, 15K for server 1, 10K for server 2, but that is after the team posts registration, which you will be announced.
[Image: 1b9sM93.png]
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