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Hello everyone

I have joined team RDSR in August 2017, 2 years ago. I've thankfully made it up to leadership in a year, which makes it a year of leadership to this day.

Like every past leader of the team, i try to do the best to keep the team on its foot, keep it's standards and have the most fun between members and mainly users in the TC server.

The time has come that the team gets new leadership. I don't really wanna decide that i've lost interest, but i just want to try and play as a normal member of a team and not be leading it anymore.

I enjoyed every day of leading the team and all the events we've run together, it's been a wonderful impact in the books, Big change of my normal gaming life, it was fun and will never be forgotten.

We get to the introduction of our new Team RDSR Leader, Morreboy.
Morreboy has been the friendliest teammate of mine, we joined the team at the same time and i trust him as i trusted myself and the past leaders for what he's to do. Morreboy claimed the second place in the 24 Gumball in 2018, which was one remarkable achievement along all he's claimed.

I will be Leader Assistant with Kiwie and assist Morreboy in his new journey.

Thanks to everyone who supported me during my leadership, specially Carl, Russ and Roy. Kiwie thank you for assisting me throughout my leadership, you've done such a good job. I'm sure Morreboy will be treated the same as i did by all of us.

Thanks for reading everyone,
Team RDSR management

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