New Recruit and Team Update!
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First I would like to welcome our newest member to the team! Ephwurd have been with us for 2 weeks as a recruit, and he has proven himself more the worthy. So its a pleasure to say
Welcome to the team! [RDSR] Ephwurd

Team Management changes

We are trying all the time to optimize [RDSR] we do this by updating our forums, recruit new members, but also by shuffle the management sometimes if people are feeling they can benefit the team better, in another position within the Team.
[RDSR] Sky & [RDSR] Kiwie Have both been in the management for some time now, they have been on the fully top as Leaders and now there current position Assistant Leaders. They have both been working hard to do the best for the team, to optimize the team as much as possible, but after alot of time with the Red color, they decided to step down and give opportunity for others to benefit and try a new challenge.
We have chosen to bring a old role back in the daylight. [RDSR] Supervisor
Sky & Kiwie will join the Supervisor role and still help me keep an eye on our army of devils. So please welcome our 2 "new" supervisors!
[RDSR]Sky & [RDSR]Kiwie

The Assistant Leader Role are now free, more news will come in the future!

[RDSR] Management
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