Pending Team Application
LFS & TC Information:

LFS username: Metcan Kocas
LFS nickname:  KmC Mert.K
Please declare any other LFS accounts you have had in the past (leave blank if N/A)
Please link your [TC] Forum account
Total distance on LFSW: LFSW - driven distance : 64578 km
Total distance on [TC]: Driven distance: 54,610 km
Total playtime on [TC]: 1262 hours            
What is your highest level of Police Training? (None/Basic/Advanced): None

General Information: I am a person who spends my free time playing games on my own

Age: 23
Country: Turkey
Languages spoken: Turkısh
Do you have access to any VoIP applications, if so what ones? (Discord, TeamSpeak etc): Discord
What are your hobbies / interests outside of gaming? : Listening to music watching TV series watching movies how rare it is to do sports

Important Information: 

Time online per day: it depends on my free time between 2 and 8 hours Dec
Why do you want to join? : As a player looking from the outside, I like the team, I want to join because there is no community where there is teasing Deceptions among other people and there is no incident.
What can you bring to the team? : To be honest, I don't know what kind of contribution I will have to you. I'm a player who plays games with his friends on his own, I just wanted to apply because I like your team.
Have you been banned? : No
If yes, when, why and how long? (Please state if you have been banned more than once):
Have you ever been apart of an LFS team before? : No 
If yes, what team was it? :

Scenario Questions:

A user is violating [TC] server rules which is affecting your game-play, no admin is present. How would you deal with this situation?
Answer: First of all, I look at the playing time on the server via tc world, if the playing time is low, I warn you from within the game, if the playing time is high, I will complain via the forum that I will not be an interlocutor at all

A [TC] server admin has told you to stop doing something. You know your actions are not breaking any of the server rules. How do you react?
Answer: I'll say I didn't break the rules and keep doing what I'm doing

You have been cruising for a long time, you gain a high trip & bonus. A civilian attempts to pass you, but crashes and sends you out of bounds. The civilian apologizes for the crash but you lose your trip because of this, how do you react? 

A) Demand compensation and threaten to report him if he/she crashes you again.
B) Tell him/her to learn how to drive.
C) Ask nicely for compensation.
D) Accept that accidents happen and return to the pits to carry on cruising.

Answer: D

Anything else?
: I wish you a good day
Thank you for applying.

This application will be looked into and you will get an answer as the recruitment closes.

[RDSR] Management
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